Courses that fulfill LALS degrees

Below is a complete list of courses that fulfill the LALS Major and Minor. 500 and 600 level courses fulfill the Graduate Certificate.


ANTH 314: Topics in Old and New World Archaeology

ANTH 316: Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica

ANTH 325: Modern Latin American Societies

ANTH 333: Globalizing Inequalities (WR)

ANTH 338: Anthropology of Refugees

ANTH 347: Global Capitalisms

ANTH 548: Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 608: Social and Cultural Theory

ANTH 611: Research: Social Culture

Art History

ARTH 342/542: Mexican Art and Literature

ARTH 365: Mexican Art and Architecture

ARTH 542: Special Topics

ARTH 544: Pan-African Art: Form and Content


COMM 410: International Communication

COMM 350: Intercultural Communication (SBD2)

COMM 510: Health Communication in Belize

COMM 510/690-01: Mass Media in Latin America

COMM 690-75: Metaphors of Cultural Communication

COMM 690-77: Theories of Culture


ENGL 369: Minority Traditions in American Literature (AHD1)

ENGL 373: Women in Literature (AHD1)

ENGL 549: Studies in Post-Colonial and/or Ethnic Literature

ENGL 554: Women's Personal Narratives

ENGL 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Cultural Metaphors

ENGL 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Theories of Culture


GEOG 300: Globalization and Diversity

GEOG 510-75: Global South Urbanism


HIST 310: Studies in History

HIST 331: Colonial Latin America

HIST 332: Latin America 1820-Present

HIST 333: Women in Latin American History

HIST 503: Race, Class, and Identity in Latin America

HIST 533: Revolution and Reform in Twentieth-Century Latin America

HIST 534/612: The US and Latin America

HIST 535: The History of Mexico: Pre-Columbian to the Present

HIST 535/611: The History of America

HIST 622: Latin America Since 1945


HON 336: Honors Seminar in Humanities

HON 436: Honors Seminar in Social Sciences

HON 446: Honors Seminar in Social Sciences (WR)


HUM 377: African American Religion

HUM 380: Culture of Iberia-Latin America

HUM 382: Native American Cultures

HUM 562: Studies of Hispanic Culture

HUM 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Cultural Metaphors

HUM 682: Seminar in Linguistics: Theories of Culture

Latin American and Latino Studies

LALS 200: Exploring Latin America (AHD2)

LALS 310: Introduction to Latin American Studies (SBD2)

LALS 311: Introduction to Latino Studies (SBD1)

LALS 313: Panamanian Culture (SBD2) -taught in May in Panama

LALS 317: Special Topics in Latino Studies

LALS 321: Special Topics in Latin American Studies

LALS 400: Latin American and Latino Studies Undergraduate Internship

LALS 510: Global South Urbanism

LALS 680: Issues in Latin American and Latino Studies

LALS 681: Latin American and Latino Studies Graduate Internship


LAW 886: International Law

LAW 992: Immigration Law


LING 690: Seminar in Linguistics: Theories of Culture

LING 690: Seminar in Linguistics: Cultural Metaphors


MKT 370/670: Global Marketing

Modern Languages

ML 260: Hispanic Contributions to the World (AHD2)

ML 313: Special Topics in Language, Literature, or Culture

ML 356: Masterpieces of Latin American Literature

ML 357: Latin American Literature Today

ML 358: Mexican Literature Today

ML 551: Special Topics

ML 599: Independent Study

Pan-African Studies

PAS 206: Introduction to Caribbean Studies (SBD2)

PAS 219 Survey of Brazilian Music

PAS 227: Survey of American Diversity (SBD1)

PAS 247: Language, Protest and Conflict in the Global Community (SBD1)

PAS 329: Slave Trade and Slavery 

PAS 346: African Language in Diaspora (SBD2)

PAS 360: African Diaspora in the Caribbean and Latin America

PAS 392: Faces of Global Poverty (WR)

PAS 396: History of the Caribbean

PAS 505: The Black Atlantic

PAS 510: Race, Class and Identity in Latin America

PAS 532: Slave Trade and Slavery in the African World

PAS 533: The History and Popular Culture of the African Diaspora

PAS 542/643: Black Women's Voices (WR)

PAS 546: African Language in Diaspora

PAS 547: Language, Race, Class, Gender

PAS 581: Pan-African Art: Form and Content

PAS 621: Religion in African Diaspora

Political Science

POLS 315: Race, Law and Politics (SBD1)

POLS 330: International Relations

POLS 331/506: International Organization (WR)

POLS 332: International Law (WR)

POLS 337: Law, Diplomacy, and Power: The Foreign Relations of the United States

POLS 370: Comparative Political Development in Latin America

POLS 371: Latin America in the World

POLS 399: World Order

POLS 506: Topics in International Relations

POLS 530: International Negotiation

POLS 563: Women in Developing Countries (WR)

POLS 647: Seminar on Latin America

POLS 649: Seminar in Comparative Politics

Social Work

SW 303: Generalist Practice I

SW 304: Generalist Practice II

SW 472: Practicum Seminar and Lab I

SW 473: Practicum Seminar and Lab II

SW 603: Human Diversity


SOC 210: Race in the US (SBD1)

SOC 323: Diversity and Inequality

SOC 392: Faces of Global Poverty (WR)

SOC 454: Social Stratification (WR)

SOC 464: Race and Ethnicity (WR)

SOC 512/612: Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare

SOC 685: Seminar in Race and Ethnicity


SPAN 313: Special Topics

SPAN 320: Spanish Conversation in the Community

SPAN 403: Foundations of Latin America

SPAN 404: Cultural and Literary Perspectives on Modern Latin America

SPAN 499: Special Topics

SPAN 524: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 527: Latin American Literature: Colonial Period through 19th Century

SPAN 528: Contemporary Spanish-American Theater

SPAN 529: Spanish-American Poetry

SPAN 530: Spanish-American Narrative

SPAN 554/654: Hispanic Culture through Film and Media

SPAN 599: Special Topics

SPAN 624: Studies in Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 634: Spanish of the Workplace

SPAN 644: Origins and Development of Hispanic Culture

SPAN 648: Contemporary Issues in the Hispanic World

SPAN 670: Special Topics

Theater Arts

TA 326: Cultural Diversity in Performance (AHD1)

TA 365: Theater of the African World (AHD2)

TA 555/665: Tools for a Global Theater

Women's and Gender Studies

WGST 325: Women in Literature

WGST 333: Women in Latin American History 

WGST 343: Faces of Global Poverty (WR)

WGST 401: Community Internship

WGST 520: Women's Personal Narratives

WGST 558: Women in Developing Countries (WR)

WGST 593: Topics in Women's and Gender Studies in Humanities