ITS for Employees

In ITS, we provide faculty and staff the services, connections and technology necessary for success. Let us help you navigate the technology landscape at UofL.

Is there technology assistance?

Having issues with your device or log-in? The ITS HelpDesk can assist you via an online service ticket, online support chat, interactive Bomgar, or call a consultant at (502) 852-7997. If you prefer one-on-one personal assistance, try our iTechConnect drop in services on the Belknap campus on the lower level of the Miller Information Technology Center across from McAlister’s Deli.

New employees

Need to find important UofL Services? ULink is a secure (yep, you’ll need to sign-in) portal for all of your necessary employee accounts, personel management and university administrative services. In ULink, you can find all kinds of clickable listings that will help you navigate almost everything at UofL.

Three items are key when accessing dierent systems at UofL: your UofL employee ID#, UofL user ID, and your password. Employees log in at using their UofL user ID and password. Keep these two items safe – they are mandatory for all secure systems at the university.

Your UofL user ID is a system generated one that you get when your employee account is set by HR or reactivated from being a UofL student. If you don’t already know your UofL user ID, you can access it using your social security number and birthdate.

You will initially log-on to ULink or your university email using a default password: Your password will be a capital L, the first two letters of your first name (lower case), the first two letters of your last name (lower case), then an exclamation mark (!), then the last four digits of your UofL employee ID#. For example: Jane Smith, UofL employee ID# 1234567, her password is Ljasm!4567

If you were a former UofL student or returning employee, please contact the ITS HelpDesk to get your password reset.

Employees automatically receive an email account when they are hired. You must check and use this account for all of your university correspondence. Your default email address is your UofL user (for example:

UofL’s Microsoft Outlook system allows for access to email, calendars and archives through web portals, installed software and on mobile devices. Outlook also allows you to maintain a calendar that is viewable by fellow employees so meetings are easily scheduled among multiple participants.

While this account is set by UofL, you can have another email address that goes to this same account. The other is called your “preferred email” address. The default chosen name for your preferred email is usually, depending on the commonality of your first and last name = To view or change the preferred option, go to ULink > on the Portal entrance under Resources, click on Email Addresses, sign into system > Here you’ll see your information and options.

Sign-in to your email account at using your default UofL email address (UofL Your password is the same as your ULink password.

After your initial log-in into your email, it is highly recommended to reset your password. You will need to familiarize yourself with our password requirements. Also, at this time, you will need to set up your challenge questions for additional security.

If you have forgotten your password but have not set your challenge questions, please take a picture ID to a computing center for a password reset. If you have sign-in or password problems, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at (502) 852-7997, LiveChat, or create a ticket in our service catalog.

UofL’s online learning management system, Blackboard, provides resources and support for all of your courses and organizations. Using your same user ID and password, you will be able to access course materials, class discussions, media files, grades and other services. Some courses are totally online through Blackboard. Available as both a web-based platform and mobile app, you’ll love how easy it can be to navigate your coursework.

You’ll also want to check out all of the services, programming and resources offered by the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning.

all employees

Throughout each campus, UofL offers four types of wireless service: ULvisitor is for visitors (no log-in required) on a short-term use with limited functionality. ULsponsor is for full-service, unencrypted network access but for only 30 days and requires a university sponsor for access. All students, faculty and staff use either our ULsecure network or our Eduroam service as both allow those with a valid UofL user ID and password, encrypted wireless service. See our wireless page for more information.

Get connected today with UofL Alerts to receive real-time text messages from UofL during an emergency.

UofL two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your online accounts by requiring a second piece of information before you can log-in to any HR-related information. Through Duo's two-factor authentication, ITS can provide better protection for your personal information and increase the security of campus data assets. Through a mobile or web application, the authentication is separate and independent from your UofL user ID and password. The two-step confirmation process insures that you are the one accessing your account.

Computing accounts, digital accessibility and technology facilities must not be used in any manner that could be interpreted as disruptive or damaging. No action that would cause harm to the university computing infrastructure, resources or data and other users will be accepted. The official university policy provides complete details. Other guidelines for use are also applicable.

Each employee is held responsible to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of all electronic data and follow university procedures for protecting sensitive data. Passwords to all university accounts and devices must be kept confidential in order to protect sensitive data such as personal and student/patient information. Encryption is mandatory on all university-owned computers and all personal devices used for storing, transferring or transmitting confidential and sensitive information.

As employees, all use of UofL licensed software (O365, Microsoft Campus Agreement Office products, Adobe) both online and installed on personal computers must cease. CardBox accounts are transferrable to varying levels of a personal Box account.

If you are also a student: Upon graduation, as a UofL alum, you are eligible to set up permanent email forwarding. Emails sent to your university account will be forwarded to the personal email account of your choosing. This is done via ULink > on the Portal entrance click on Students > Sign into System > click the Profile Tile > in left navigation, Click Contact Details > Here you can add an Email and change your preferences.

If you retire: If a retiree does not access their email within six months, the account will be closed due to lack of use. Upon retirement, you have the option to set up an email forwarding service to keep receiving email sent to your UofL address: go to ULink > on the Portal entrance click on Employees > Sign into System > Complete the UL2FCTR/Duo process > in the third box, under Person Information, click on Email Addresses > Here you can add an Email and change your preferences. To only keep receiving UofL Today announcements after your retirement, subscribe to the ULT_RETIRESS listserv.

If you are a part-time lecturer (PTL): These include employees whose pay groups are L12, L11, F11, F51, or G12. Their accounts are closed twice a year – in late February or early March if the PTL employee is no longer employed, in September or early October if the PTL employee is no longer employed. An email notification is sent to the part-time lecturer before the account is closed.

If you (otherwise) leave permanently: Employees are allowed to keep their computer accounts at the University of Louisville as long as they are actively employed. Accounts are closed the day the user is officially terminated from the University of Louisville. No notifications are sent.