Gartner Research Resources

Access to Gartner Research is now offered through ITS and the University of Louisville for students, faculty, and staff across all our campuses. Gartner Resources provide in-depth research, information, reports and analytics on virtually all areas of information technology and are now available to everyone in the university community.

Gartner is an industry-leading consulting firm that conducts analysis about the global information technology industry and provides insights to help clients make informed decisions on technology solutions. Their website offers access to accurate and current research on all types of information technology topics, published daily. Gartner also produces lists of new emerging technologies and rising companies that students may want to work for after graduation.


With Gartner research tools, UofL students, faculty, and staff have access to timely, objective real-world examples and content about information technology. Gartner tools can help:
  • Students can stay current with the rapidly-changing technology industry and ensure relevancy in coursework with up-to-date and fact-based data. These resources offer guidance of experts, verified peer-driven research and practical advice to use for coursework and thesis papers.
  • Faculty and researchers can access hundreds of real-world case studies from industry experts on technology for research. With these tools, faculty can also work with current trends in information technology to bring real-world, complex issues into the classroom.
  • ITS professionals can improve their understanding of long-term trends and issues while gaining valuable insight to the application of new technology. Staff can access valuable information on how to improve infrastructure, validate technology decisions and understand best practices.
  • Higher Education administrators are able to obtain objective advice and get valuable insight into business strategy, process improvements, predictive analytics and market trends.

Current UofL students, faculty, and staff may access Gartner research and reports through the Gartner portal. To access the portal, a UofL userID and password is required. For more information on the license agreement permitted uses and restrictions, read about the Gartner terms and conditions.

While getting started using the site, be sure to locate the Research you are looking for using the Search and Browse tools that are located at the top of every page. If you want more information about using the website, you can get a short overview with their Quick Start Guide. Gartner also provides a free Alerts service which can advise you of the latest Gartner Research on topics of your choice. Another helpful resource is Gartner's extensive IT Glossary of words, phrases and acronyms.

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When you register on the Gartner website, Gartner asks you for your UofL userID. This information is needed to determine whether you are an authorized subscriber and a member of the UofL community. While access is through a UofL controlled portal (your password is protected), Gartner may monitor online activity of users. Find out more about Gartner’s full online privacy policy.