Part-time Faculty (PTF) Cohort Program

The i2a Part-Time Faculty Cohort Program began in 2011 as a strategy to increase part-time faculty participation in the annual i2a Institute, ultimately increasing the use of critical thinking tools and strategies in the classroom. Beginning with their attendance at the annual i2a Institute, cohort members spent the next 6 months training on critical thinking tools and developing course assignments reflective of best practices in order to promote critical thinking among their students. Participants submitted their updated assignments and shared reflections on their participation in the program in December. Many participants presented their work at the i2a Institute the following spring.

i2a seeks a lasting commitment to the teaching of critical thinking and professional development among more part-time faculty. The PTF Cohort Program supports this effort by providing a stipend for participants along with copies of chosen critical thinking resources.

In 2013, the Part-time Faculty Cohort Program merged with the Part-time Faculty Learning Community program to conduct a joint program between the i2a team and Teaching and Learning team. While open to all part-time faculty, this pilot project is designed specifically for part-time faculty who teach General -Education courses. The program will run during the fall and spring semesters of the 2013-14 academic year.

Achievement of Project Outcome:

This plan has four major outcomes:

  • Identify a specific strategy to incorporate the Elements of Thought and/or the Universal Intellectual Standards into at least one activity or assignment in an undergraduate course the PTF member teaches;
  • Provide evidence of students' responses to the critical thinking activity;
  • Elicit instructor reflection on the critical thinking activity and general use of the Paul-Elder framework within his or her course;
  • Share i2a innovations (to the extent possible) with colleagues or on the i2a web site.

2012 Cohort Projects:

2011 Cohort Projects:

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