Check out our 2017 collection of i2a digital resources listed on the left menu or review this annotated resource guide [PDF].

We are pleased to provide resources to our faculty, staff and students, as well as our national colleagues, on the implementation and progress of the Ideas to Action initiative.

This section allows us to centrally catalog and document our i2a work across disciplines, including public access to presentation materials, guiding documents and planning publications developed by the i2a Leadership Team and Task Group.

The i2a Exemplars is an archive of a select group of original, innovative projects and accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students as part of our i2a initiative.

Presentations materials related to Ideas to Action, PowerPoint files, handouts and other customized materials

Annual Reports

Photos, videos, etc. related to i2a

Press & Publicity
Articles and publications featuring Ideas to Action or work by the i2a Leadership Team

A repository for other additional essential i2a documents and resources

If you wish to use and cite any of the above materials, please contact us for permission.

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