Marketing 360: Professional Relationship Selling

Robert Hausladen, MBA

Robert Hausladen, MBA


Bob Hausladen used his experience with the i2a Part-time Faculty Cohort to implement changes designed to inject more critical thinking into his Marketing course, Professional Relationship Selling. In the past, Bob had relied primarily on non-interactive lectures to convey information to his students. The first change Bob made to his course was to incorporate the SEE-I technique to enhance student participation and learning. SEE-I is an acronym with the letters presenting four steps that make whatever you are working on clearer. Thus you (S) State it; (e) Elaborate (explain more fully in your own words; (e) Exemplify, give a good example; and (I) Illustrate, give an analogy, a diagram, metaphor. Hausladen used the SEE-I technique as a means to explain the “discovery process”- the use of engaging questions to determine revealing facts and information about the customer’s situation, goals, and needs, as well as the impact these issues are having on the business and the customer. Hausladen noted that while this was not a graded exercise, “student feedback indicated that the exercise created a much better understanding of the issues involved in creating engaging questions (for the discovery process) and in creating logical selling points.”

Hausladen also modified an existing assignment by incorporating the Elements of Thoughts of the Paul-Elder model for critical thinking. In the past, Hausladen had students read and report on Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in order to help students see the importance of these habits to success in sales. Using the Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking, Hausladen focused attention on establishing the author’s point of view and identifying the implications of each of Covey’s habits for professional relationship selling.

Regarding his experience with the i2a PTF Cohort, Hausladen reported that one of the most helpful aspects was the exchange of ideas and feedback from outside his disciple.

I always find it useful and interesting to hear different viewpoints and approaches to any given subject. The more diverse the better

—Robert Hausladen

Download Hausladen’s Critical Thinking Template for Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” [PDF]

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