About i2a

Introduction to i2a at UofL

View the i2a informational flier [PDF] to learn more about our background and goals.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) requires member institutions to develop a practical, university-wide quality enhancement plan (QEP) to improve student learning. The UofL plan, Ideas to Action (i2a), will sharpen our existing focus on building undergraduate students' critical thinking skills, starting in the general education program and continuing through undergraduate major courses. Students will be required to demonstrate their critical-thinking skills in a culminating undergraduate experience, such as a thesis, service learning project, internship or capstone project.

i2a has an evaluation plan that aligns with University-wide assessment activities, provides structure for unit-based i2a plans, and offers a range of resources for individual faculty to shape curricular innovations to support i2a. i2a is a multi-year year effort to promote meaningful transformation of our undergraduate programs, build infrastructure to sustain these innovations, and report on our progress to SACS.

To support the development and implementation of i2a, currently there are programs and services for faculty, staff, and units; new partnerships between and among departments and programs; and funding opportunities to support the development of i2a innovations in and outside the classroom.

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