Nutrition Consultations

 Students have access to individual nutrition consultations with our campus dietitian, Ashly Whited! Appointments will be online or in person at Health Promotion in room 309A.  

To schedule your Nutrition Consultation appointment, please complete the steps below:

1)  Nutrition Questionnaire: Once you have completed the Nutrition Questionnaire, you may book an appointment.

2) Book an appointmentIf the available appointments do not meet your current availability, please email

These are common student concerns that benefit from working with the Registered Dietitian:

*Note: This Nutrition Team is aligned with the Health at Every SizeⓇ philosophy & promotes a weight-neutral approach to health. Our team is open to discussing patients' weight-related concerns but will not promote weight loss diets or meal plans.

  • General Nutrition Guidance
  • Healthy Relationships with Food
  • GI: Celiac/IBS/Food Intolerance/Food Allergy
  • Vegetarian/Vegan/Plant-Based Eating
  • Nutrition Related Medical Concerns


Nutrition Navigators

After a few sessions with the RD, students can often benefit from connecting with a Nutrition Navigator.

Nutrition Navigators provide UofL students with food and nutrition coaching and advice onsite in the Ville Grill and via personal appointments. Schedule your appointment today to “take a lap” with a Nutrition Navigator! You will learn how to enhance your health and to feed yourself well using these four key concepts:

  1. Nutrient Density:  Quantity and variety of nutrients available in food relative to size and caloric content
  2. Caloric Density: The energy content of food relative to size.
  3. Portion Determination:  Determining and eating portion sizes that meet your individual energy and nutrient goals.
  4. Local and Sustainable: Choosing foods that are sourced locally and grown sustainably.

FREE Nutrition Navigator Appointment Package Includes:

  • Individual consultation with a Nutrition Navigator
  • Coaching how to effectively “take a lap” around the Ville Grill to find the best options for your personal goals and dietary needs

1) Before your appointment, please complete the Nutrition Navigator INTAKE form and bring it with you.

2) Click here to schedule your Nutrition Navigator appointment.