Scholarship Program Recognition

Alan and Janetta Kleier Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alfred Selligman Scholarship

Arthur B. Zubrod Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Arthur Y. Ford Memorial Scholarship

Audrey H. and Neil Savin Scholarship Fund

Barbara and Frank Weisberg Scholarship Fund

Bardstown Alumni Club

Barth Foundation

Betty and Chester Porter Fellowship

Beverly June Combs Memorial Scholarship

Big Sandy Alumni Burchell Scholarship

Blake and Pam Haselton Scholarship

Bowling Green/ Cen. KY

Bruce D. Perkins Scholarship

C A Overstreet scholarship

Caldwell Tanks, Inc. Scholarship

Calhoun Family Endowed Scholarship

Calhoun Family Scholarship

Capital Region Alumni

Carl & Dora Jansing Hallmark

Charles Moorman Memorial Fund

Charlie, Vicki, Hailee and Hope Strong Endowed Scholarship

Chris and Marsha Hermann Endowed Scholarshup

Clay Family Memorial Scholarship

Corrine Huguely Scholarship Fund

Courtlands Coating Inc. Scholarship Fund

Craig and Kelsey Thomas Scholarship Fund

Cummins Engine Co. Scholarship

David and Bonnie Adams Endowed Scholarship

Don and Susan Grimm Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Marie Kuhl Violette Scholarship

Dr. Donal F. Linton Scholarship

Dr. James L. and Thersea H. "Mitzie" Witliff Endowed Scholarship Fund in  Natural Sciences

Dr. Oliver Matthews Scholarship

Dr. P. Kenneth Bates Jr, and Mrs. Christiine R. Bates Endowed Scholarship

Eagle Scout Award

Edith & Franklyn G. Zimmerman

Emma Fairleigh Allen Fund

Ernest E. Lyons Scholarship

Esther and Morris Flexner Scholarships Fund

Faculty/Staff Scholarships Challenge

Flexner Trust Fund

Florence and Fred Koster

Garrnett S. Zorn Scholarship

General Merit-Based Scholarship

General Need-Based

George and Libbie Price Scholarship

Gilpin and Sanes Scholarship

Gladys Childress Murray Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund

Green River Alumni

Harrison County Community Foundation Scholarship

Harry Weisingger Memorial Scholarship

Heartland Alumni Club

Hecker Scholarship

Heckler Scholarship

Henry P. and Judith R. Ford Endowed Scholarship

Henry Vogt Scholars Endowment Fund

Humana Scholars Fund for Excellence

Humana Scholars Fund in A&S

Humana Scholars Fund in Business

J. Rogers Badgett, Sr. Foundation Scholarship

J.B. Speed Trust Fund

Jane Goldstein Honorary Scholarship

Jarrett Family Scholarship

Joe and Celeste Thompson

Jordan Murphy Memorial Scholarship

Judi Olsen Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kilgore Scholarship

Kimbrough Scholarship Fund

Kosmo Portland Cement Fund

Linda Ellis Williams Scholarship

Louis and Jacqueline Phillips Scholarship

Louisville Slugger

Madisonville-Hopkins Alumni

Mary W and Baylor Landrum Jr. Scholarship Fund

Maud Blanc Harris Scholarship

Michael A. Hendricks, J.D Schsp

Milton Hannibal Smith Scholarship

MLK Endowment of Peace

Morehead-Wigfall Family Scholarship Endowed Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Brecher Scholarship

Mrs. Brent Campbell Mackler Endowed Scholarshp

Muralidhara Endowed Scholarship

Nancy Jordan Scholarship in A&S

National Cindy Bank of Souther Indiana


Norma Lewis Scholarship Fund in Sign Languate

Oneita and Clarence Getman Scholarship

Oppenheimer Fund

Orville W. Jones Endowed Scholarship Fund

Paducah/ Purchase

Paul And Metta Druin

QFE Brown and Williamson Corporation Merit Awards

QFE- Scholarship General

Ramsey Family Scholarship

Richard W. Ash and Mary Ann Forsee Endowed Scholarship Fund

River City Alumni Club Scholarship

Robert & Odile Whitaker Endowed Scholarship

Robert and Lillian Carter

Schrage Memorial Scholarship

Southern IN Seven Counties

Southern Indiana Scholars Endowed Fund

T and J Douglas

Tanner Family Scholarship

Theodora L. Collins Memorial Scholarship

Tim and Nancy Pifer Endowed Scholarship Fund

University of Louisville College Bowl Scholarship Fund

William C. Knoop Sr, and Agnes Mobley Knoop Endowed Scholarship

Woodford R. Porter

Zetta Mitchell Endowed Scholarship Fund