Mileage and Meal Reimbursement Rates


IRS Maximum Mileage Rates: effective for trips taken January 1, 2024 or after, reimbursement rate is 67 cents per mile.

Previous mileage rates:

  • IRS Maximum Mileage Rates: effective January 1, 2023 = 65.5 cents per mile
  • IRS Maximum Mileage Rates: effective July 1, 2022 = 62.5 cents per mile


Per Diem Average Maximum Daily Rate Meal Reimbursement

The chart below are average rates and not all inclusive. When entering a meal reimbursement in T&E system, enter the default location/state of travel and it should auto-populate the per diem for that specific state.

For specific rates please visit the sites below:

Per Diem meal rates for domestic travel per the U.S. General Services Administration, please locate the applicable city and state.

Per Diem meal rates for international travel.

An overnight stay is required for meal reimbursement. The chart below is for meals that are reimbursable if not provided or otherwise reimbursed while on required travel with an overnight stay.

Type of Meal $46 $51 $56 $61 $66 $71
Breakfast (Must depart by 6:30 am; Return after 9:00 am) $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14
Lunch (Must depart by 11:00 am; Return after 2:00 pm) $14 $15 $17 $18 $20 $21
Dinner (Must depart by 5:00 pm; Return after 7:00 pm) $23 $26 $28 $31 $33 $36

For Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territory possessions: Calculate rate per meal at 20% for breakfast, 30% for lunch and 50% for dinner.

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