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uofl courses

University for-credit courses with embedded micro-credentials, badges and certifications offer our students new opportunities to enhance their learning experience. Additional online resources provide digital tools and online tutorials expand their professional understanding and creative portfolios. A sign-in with university email (userID) and password are usually required for access to all partnership academic resources.

Introduction to Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing


The application of quantum mechanics principles to computing is the study field of Quantum Computing. There is a growing interest among the research community in producing algorithms and simulations suitable for the current state hardware technologies, known as Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum devices (NISQ).

Technology in Our World Today – Level 1 - SB

Technology in Our World Today


This course prepares students to analyze the role of leadership in organizational technology initiatives by achieving micro-credentials and technology trophies/badges/certificates from various vendors such as: Microsoft, IBM, and Google, etc. This course is taught at the introductory level.

Design Thinking for Creating Problem Solving - SB

Design Thinking


This course covers design thinking as an approach that employs creative problem solving to develop viable solutions to "wicked" social, public policy, and/or business problems. Students will develop agile, critical thinking skills useful in understanding and developing creative solutions to such problems.

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