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About Us

about us

The University of Louisville Digital Transformation Center transforms the access, awareness, design and use of digital technology to enhance learning and discovery in the commonwealth. We provide future-focused curricula and educational tools to embrace digital agility and train todays and tomorrow’s workforce in fast-growing technology areas.

Our Mission is to empower the future of learning, research, and technology through collaboration, community of practice and partnerships.

The University of Louisville Digital Transformation Center (DTC) is committed to fostering an equitable space for everyone to have access to and opportunities for technology empowerment, advanced skilling, and academic development. The DTC understands that the future of innovation relies on inclusive opportunities for all, from various backgrounds, to contribute to the ever-changing technological landscape. As the DTC innovates transformation in research, learning, and community initiatives, equitable representation, inclusion, and technology belonging are top priorities in our mission, as we work to align the DTC’s mission with the University of Louisville’s overall Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement.

We will integrate the best features of industry and academic institution relationships to create a modern workforce and advance research that expands our ability to create and implement solutions to grand challenges—issues that will impact the human condition for generations to come. We will accomplish this through:

Program curricula &
skills training
for students
Faculty and staff
Civic and business
partner engagement
Research innovation &
digital transformation

Our Team

Dr. Sharon A. Kerrick

Assistant Vice President

Dr. Andrew Wright


Dr. Adel Elmaghraby

Director of Research and Innovation

Elena Fortunato-Wright

Program Coordinator

Jaclan Williams

Senior Training Specialist for the Health Equity Innovation Hub

Jose M. Najera

Training Specialist for the Health Equity Innovation Hub

Leadership and Implementation (L&I) Team

The University of Louisville Digital Transformation Center (DTC) Leadership and Implementation (L&I) Team leads the University of Louisville in being recognized as a great place to learn, discover, connect and work because we celebrate diversity, foster equity and strive for inclusion. We continue to work together to plot our future course and implement the University’s strategic plan. The L&I Team meets monthly to help develop and potentially implement academic and programmatic experiences; develop micro credentials; suggest education options; suggest community, industry, healthcare, military and workforce tech training; and help the university expand and partner with additional vendors in current and new frontiers of technology.

The L&I is constituted of 4 subcommittees:

  • Developing Curricula
  • Faculty and Staff Development
  • Civic and Partner Engagement
  • Research & Innovation

Adeniran, Ayodeji Graduate Student Council • Ahuja, Manju COB • Ahuja, Manju COB • Andrade, Mary Speed Career Center Services • Antimisiaris, Demetra Health Mgmt. & Systems Sciences, SPHIS • Baughman, Gay DENT • Begany, Jim Enrollment Management and Student Success • Bethel-Jaiteh, Cynethia Nursing • Brainard, Eli (Robert) Faculty Senate • Brown, Marie Delphi Center • Buford, Brian Employee Success Center • Cashon, Cara Psychology, A&S; • Darland, Daniel Student Success Center • Dawason-Edwards, Cherie Provost Office • Drerup, Sarah Libraries, STEM • Dunlap, Alicia Delphi • Elder, Matt College of Business - Online Programs Office •Elmaghraby, Adel Speed School of Engineering • Greene, Aimee Delphi • Harper, Leslie Institutional Research • Heakin, Erin University Career Center • Helm, Kristie School of Medicine/Pediatrics • Hurwitz, Kyle Delphi/Military Affairs • Irvin, Nat Management, COB (Diversity rep) • Kerrick, Sharon ELEOD, CEHD • LaJoie, Scott (Andrew) SPHIS (Publich Health) • Lan, Haoyong Ekstrom Libraries, Assistant Professor, STEM • Lauf, Adrian SPEED • Linzy, Katherine Trager Institute • Losavio, Michael Criminal Justice, A&S; • McCart, Andrew School of Public Health and Information Sciences/Health Management and Systems Sciences/M.S. Health Administration • McDaniels, Laura Employee Success Center • Menze, Michael Biology, A&S; • Metcalf, Will EVPRI • Mills, Caroline EVPRI • Morgan, John B. Delphi Center • Owen, David Faculty Senate • Rabalais, Gerry MED • Ritz, John Composition and Creative Studies, MUSIC • Rodems, Michelle Graduate School • Seay, Dana Communication, A&S; • Shuter, Melissa Staff Senate • Simrall, Harrison ITS • Smith, Patrick Office of Community Engagement • Smith, Ted Pharmacology, MED • Sun, Jeff ELEOD, CEHD • Sweeny, JoAnne Brandeis School of Law, Associate Dean • Trent, John James Graham Brown Cancer Center, MED • Willey, Beth Provost Office/UG Education • Wolfe, Lizzy SGA Student Representative • Wright, Andrew CIS/ISAO, COB • Zahrndt, Jason Delphi/DMS


  • Developing Curricula - Beth Willey, Michelle Rodems
  • Faculty and Staff Development - Jason Zahrndt, Laura McDaniels
  • Civic and Partner Engagement - Mary Andrade, Patrick Smith
  • Research & Innovation - Adel Elmaghraby, Will Metcalf

strategy, education, business

and partner outreach

university of louisville

belknap campus

2301 s. 3rd street

louisville, ky 40208