45th Dr. Joseph H. McMillan National Conference on the Black Family in America

The vision of the Black Family Conference at the University of Louisville is to help educate families to become more empowered, engaged, equipped and able to elevate every member to maximize their quality of life.

The University of Louisville’s National Black Family Conference is a premier conference of its kind; with its focus on addressing the rich African American history as well as the, past and present, struggles and implications for the present and future. Named in honor of Dr. Joseph H. McMillan, the founder of the conference and UofL administrator for over 30 years. The 45th Dr. Joseph H. McMillan National Black Family Conference will be held at the Louisville Central Community Center, 1300 West Muhammad Ali Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40203, 502-583-8822 on February 23-24, 2018. We are excited to announce our theme, "Elevating the Health and Safety of the Black Family and Community". 

Conference Highlights:

Workshop themes will consist of, but not limited to, mental health, physical health; safe and healthy neighborhoods; economic health and financial literacy; education; spirituality; sexual health; issues confronting population groups such as African American males, the elderly and the LGBT community; environmental justice; substance abuse and addiction. 

Conference Dates:

February 23-24, 2018

Venue Information:

Louisville Central Community Center, Inc,

Address: 1300 West Muhammad Ali Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40203