Choosing an Undergraduate Major

Any major at UofL can prepare you for a career in law. However, several departments in the College of Arts & Sciences have courses that compliment a Pre-Law major. If you have an interest in one of these subjects, contact an advisor from the department for more information about their academic offerings.

Undergraduate Catalog
Search the catalog to find
course requirements for each major. Pre-law faculty recommend that students take Phil 311 Introduction to Logic.  Advanced writing courses such as English 309, English 306, or WR writing intensive courses will strengthen your writing skills for law school.

Flight Plan
UofL also provides a Pre-Law Flightplan with suggested courses.

Law Guide from the UofL Library
This guide
is a major resource for legal information, serving the university community, the practicing bar, and the general public.

American Bar Association
Explore the ABA's suggestions about how you should prepare for law school.

Goals for Freshmen & Sophomore Years

  • Strengthen your reading, writing, and analytical skills.  Philosophy logic and ethics courses often focus on analytical skills.
  • Make sure that you maintain a solid G.P.A. while taking rigorous courses.
  • Request a pre-law advising session by calling the Advising Center at 852-5502.