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Flight Plan: Your Journey to Graduation

What is it?

Flight Plan is an exciting initiative that enables students to stay on course to graduate in four years or in the timeframe of their choice. Students will learn about majors and how they connect to careers and then select a Flight Plan that meets their interests and their level of skills.

How does it work?

First year, first semester: Students will schedule a meeting with an academic advisor and learn about the degrees the university offers that can lead to specific careers.

First year, second semester: Students will meet again with an academic advisor and discuss the flight plan options and select a flight plan of their choice.

Ongoing: The university will monitor students' progress toward flight plan completion and will notify students to meet with an academic advisor should they veer off course. Academic advisors and campus partners can assist students who encounter diversions and help them get back on course to graduate in their initial time frame.

Transfer Students are encouraged to view the Flight Plans, use the Course Planner, and Advisement Report in ULINK to plan the remaining courses needed for graduation. Transfer students will not be monitored for the Flight Plan milestones but are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to ensure they are on track for graduation in a timely manner.

Need more information about Flight Plan? Click here to view a series of short videos about the Flight Plan process.

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4-Year Flight Plans

5- and 6-Year
Flight Plans

Please work with your academic advisor to build a 5- or 6-year Flight Plan



  • View Flight Plan milestones that all students will need to meet based on their Flight Plan choice and their catalog year

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