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Tau Sigma: Transfer Society

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Tau Sigma National Honor Society 

Welcome to the University of Louisville Chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society page. UofL is proud to have established the first chapter in the state of Kentucky in the fall semester of 2005.

We encourage you to join us as we serve transfer students at UofL and nationwide.

Tau Sigma is an academic honor society designed specifically to recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students. Tau Sigma offers early involvement opportunities, the opportunity to assume leadership positions, the opportunity for assimilation into the student population, increases the visibility of current transfer students, and enhances the academic reputation of current transfer students.

As members of Tau Sigma, students are offered the opportunity to be involved at the University of Louisville and in the community. Tau Sigma is involved in several campus wide activities including Transfer Orientations, Welcome Weekend, and an informal mentoring program for transfer students through the ULtra office. Tau Sigma also offers social opportunities for members and new transfer students and will be an integral part of the recruitment and retention of students.

Membership Eligibility

Those eligible for membership are students who transfer to a four-year college or university with at least one full year's academic credits (24 transferable credits); obtain at least a 3.5/4.0 or rank among the top 20% of all new transfer students in the first term at the institution to which they transferred; and obtain this GPA or rank while taking a normal course load leading to a bachelor's degree. Life-time membership is conferred upon induction and maintaining the grade-point average needed for initial eligibility is not required.


Tau Sigma Frequently Asked Questions

What are the membership criteria?

The membership criteria are:

  1. The student must be enrolled as a full-time student,
  2. The student must transfer to the university with at least one full year's worth of academic credits (the definition of one full year is left to the university to determine - the objective is to identify true transfer students and not those students who might have taken a few courses at another institution simply to get ahead or caught up), and
  3. The student must finish their first term after transferring with a 3.5 GPA OR in the top 20% of all incoming transfers during that term.

What if a member's GPA falls below 3.5? Does this person lose their membership?

No. While we hope that the members will continue to strive for academic excellence, the member has a lifetime membership that is based only on their first term GPA or standing among the incoming transfers.

If a student fails to respond to the initial invitation for membership, can he/she join at a later date?

Unfortunately, no. With as many chapters and members as we deal with each year, we are currently not equipped to handle membership additions throughout the year for each chapter.

What are the dues for Tau Sigma members?

The ONE-TIME membership dues are most normally $45 ($30 for National and $10 for local - with the additional $5 going to whomever conducts the membership mailing, either National or local). It is possible that the total dues would be more than $45 if the local chapter chooses to collect more than $10 for local dues.

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