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Get Involved at UofL

by jdpole01 last modified Jun 03, 2008 03:50 PM

Want to get involved at UofL?

There are LOTS of ways to get involved as a University of Louisville student! We have clubs to join, events to attend, movies, fun, and so much more! So how do you get started? Just look below!

Student Activities Office

Learning occurs all over the University, both inside and outside the classroom. UofL provides a broad variety of activities and programs to assist you in participating in the UofL community, and in developing your skills and knowledge of leadership, wellness service and diversity. This office also provides many of the university's co-curricular programs and services.

Student Activities Office
Student Activities Center Room W310

Student Activities Board

Student Activities Board provides social, multicultural, recreational and educational activities for the University's students and other interested members of the Campus Community. From movies to lectures, cultural celebrations to concerts, comedy shows to cookouts, homecoming events to casino nights, we provide co-curricular activities that enhance students' experiences at the University. The Board's events are an integral component of the students' overall education and development.

Student Activities Center W310
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
(502) 852-0318
(502) 852-7332 FAX

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