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Cultural Diversity, Social Justice & Opportunity

Actively welcome all to a center of learning that embraces the diversity of ideas, cultures and people.

Revitalize the University Diversity Plan of 2003

  • Review, revise and implement the University Diversity Plan of 2003, with revision to accommodate demographic changes and state diversity plans.
  • Include a program of periodic review, rewarding units and leaders for achieving the Plan goals.

Implement programs to assist minorities and women to become academic and university leaders.

  • Recruit and hire underrepresented minorities and women for leadership positions.
  • Implement programs that provide mentoring and internship opportunities for development of internal underrepresented minorities and women as leaders.

Develop a campus environment that is welcoming to all people and in which diversity, social justice and provision of academic opportunity are intrinsic values.

  • Incorporate principles of cultural diversity, global awareness and social justice into appropriate portions of educational curricula, research and scholarship programs and programs in civic engagement.
  • Use special awards and recognition programs for recognizing innovative and successful efforts in these areas.
  • Support the efforts of Centers and Institutes that further incorporation of cultural diversity, social justice and academic opportunity into education, scholarship and civic engagement programs.
  • Prepare and implement an Americans with Disabilities Act review and action plan.

Promote principles of diversity and social justice in educational opportunities, civic engagement and international awareness.

Increase extracurricular learning opportunities to broaden the horizons of our students so that they understand and value people of many cultural backgrounds.

  • Expand community education programs.
  • Expand service learning and community internships.

Devise and implement a comprehensive international plan for global awareness and engagement.

  • Expand the capabilities of the International Center.
  • Provide opportunities for student study abroad.
  • Develop a strong program for international visiting students.
  • Encourage and enable faculty teaching and research abroad.
  • Attract outstanding international visiting faculty for teaching and research.

Participate in mission-centered social and economic justice programs

  • Continue participation in the Green Cities project.
  • Advocate and participate in sustainable economic growth and development.
  • Promote recycling, energy conservation programs and other environmentally responsible practices.

Develop excellence in bioethics and health care delivery disparities study and service.

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