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Every great metropolitan area has a great research university.  There are many universities that achieve greatness by academic standards yet are not intimately involved in the life of the surrounding community and region.  The University of Louisville is an ambitious institution aspiring always to excellence.  It is also an institution that recognizes its key leadership role in transforming the lives of the people and institutions of metropolitan Louisville and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The Louisville/Jefferson County metropolitan area is Kentucky's only major urban area--a leader in commerce, transportation, health care, the arts, and the state's most diverse community.  This community is responsible for a major role in the educational, social, health care, cultural and economic development programs of the state.  It is well recognized that for Kentucky to succeed and meet its goals, the state's only major urban area must likewise thrive.

The Louisville/Jefferson County metropolitan area has undergone a powerful economic and social transformation over the past decade.  While manufacturing jobs are and will always be important to our community, the jobs of yesterday are not the jobs of today, or of tomorrow.  New economic clusters, development paradigms and global awareness and involvement must continue to develop for Louisville to grow and prosper.

The Louisville area has a wonderful system of higher education that includes a major research university, a powerful community and technical college, two strong private universities, a comprehensive regional university in neighboring Indiana, two theological seminaries, and a number of proprietary institutions.  This system of higher education adds to the richness of the community by providing an educated citizenry and work force to drive the new knowledge-based economy.  The old paradigm was the attraction of business and industry that was presumed to attract people and economic growth.  Our community recognizes that a major paradigm shift has occurred in economic development and that growth results from the ability to attract and retain creative people.

The University of Louisville is vital for ensuring the long-term success of its community.  A strong Kentucky will not exist without a strong Louisville and a strong Louisville will not exist without a strong higher education system led by the community's major research university.  As Louisville develops so does Kentucky.

The University of Louisville’s contributions to the community and state's public agenda are:

  • engaging in scholarly activity that advances the stature of the university in the academic world.
  • providing a well educated population and work force—individuals who think are engaged citizens and leaders, who can think critically, express themselves well, who are responsible citizens and leaders, as well as loyal alumni who provide for the specific work force needs of particular industries; e.g., logistics and distribution, health care, etc.
  • providing the research and scholarly activity supporting cultural and economic development; the ability to take intellectual energy and invention from the “mind to the marketplace” for  commercialization, by creating new businesses, and a vibrant research base that helps attract new talent and investment.
  • promoting the overall quality of life of our community by ensuring the vibrancy of the social, artistic, and cultural base of the community.
  • being the leader in values important to economic growth, developing and attracting talented, energetic  people with a thorough understanding of our global community, embracing cultural diversity, promoting an entrepreneurial spirit and energizing the creativity of the region.
  • continuing to serve as a source of pride, an energizing and a transforming force for the community through nationally recognized university accomplishments in education, cultural activities, research, service and athletics.

In fulfilling its mission, the University of Louisville will be a transforming agent; an institution of uncommon ambition whose reach exceeds its grasp, preserving the age old values of the academic world while leading its community into its third century.

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