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Information to help you stay safe

Today, University of Louisville will launch two new emergency notification systems designed to enhance campus safety. We will also be conducting some tests in the next few days.

One of the systems—our FastAlert Text Message System—will send text messages directly to a cell phone or other mobile device during a campus emergency. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons learned from last spring’s Virginia Tech tragedy is that up-to-the second information can mean lives saved. For this reason, we hope that ALL students, faculty and staff will participate in the FastAlert system. To do so, go to The sign-up process takes less than two minutes.

In addition to the new text message alert system, we also are ready to launch a special telephone service that will broadcast emergency messages. These phones have been installed in all dormitory rooms and, with very few exceptions, in every office on all campuses. During an emergency, the phones will essentially act as a loudspeaker system to warn the campus community.

Tests will be conducted at noon on Saturday (Sept. 22) and again at noon on Tuesday (Sept. 25). When the tests are broadcast, no action will be necessary.

Creating a safe and secure environment is of paramount importance to me and to Dr. Ramsey. As such, it is very gratifying indeed to announce these two new, exciting innovations to our campus safety program.


Shirley Willihnganz
Executive Vice President and Provost
University of Louisville

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