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Update on Graduate Education

I write to update you on the changes in the administrative structure to support graduate education at the university. Guided by the strategic plan, some organizational changes will be made in the next few weeks. More extended discussion of graduate programs and faculty governance is still required, but I have charged three committees to make recommendations on these points by Nov. 1.

The University of Louisville Strategic Plan calls for a dramatic increase in emphasis on graduate education, including strengthening the quality and variety of graduate educational opportunities, doubling the number of Ph.D. graduates and increasing the numbers of academic masters' degrees, professional masters, professional practice degrees and postdoctoral research fellows. This increase will require substantial investment of time, money, space and effort. Many of our current programs must produce more graduates, and more degree programs will be required, including interdisciplinary degrees that blend traditional disciplines and unite research scholars of varied interests.

These programmatic changes and enrollment goals will require recruiting new faculty members and new students to our traditional disciplines. Most significantly, to provide the very best opportunities for students and scholars at UofL, we must devise new means for bringing together individual scholars, faculties and disciplines across unit boundaries. In addition, these changes should promote clear university interests and economies, which can be achieved by central management of administrative detail in the areas of recruitment, admissions, fellowships and program review.

To meet these ambitious goals, I am establishing the Office of Graduate Affairs, to be headed by an associate provost who will work with the Graduate Council of faculty and students to achieve the strategic goals of the university for graduate education. The target date for selection and installation of a permanent Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs is July 1, 2008. To provide continuity during the transition from the Graduate School to the new office, Dr. Bill Pierce will serve as interim associate provost for graduate affairs beginning Oct. 1, 2007. As part of the university-wide plan for enrollment management, I also have asked Dr. Boyd Bradshaw, assistant provost for enrollment management, working in cooperation with the Office of Graduate Affairs, to assume supervision of the Office of Graduate Admissions beginning Oct. 1, 2007.

Finally, I am directing the Graduate Transition Committee to review the report of the Graduate Education Strategic Planning group and to make recommendations concerning the achievement of our important and ambitious goals for graduate education at UofL.

Graduate Transition Committee

I have appointed a Graduate Transition Committee with three subcommittees:

Structure Faculty and Academic Programs Student Affairs
  • Dan Mahony, Chair
  • Mike Day
  • Robert Felner/Ann Larson
  • Ruth Huber
  • Blaine Hudson
  • Johnathan Johnson
  • (Nursing rep)
  • Bill Pierce, Chair
  • Beth Boehm
  • Tim Brauch
  • Jim Chen
  • David Dubofsky
  • Dave Howarth
  • Naomi Oliphant
  • David Scott
  • Peter Walton
  • Dale Billingsley, Chair
  • Boyd Bradshaw
  • Tim Brauch
  • Libby Leggett
  • Tim Robertson
  • Peter Rowell

These subcommittees are charged below. After receiving subcommittee reports, the Graduate Transition Committee is charged with merging these and making final recommendations for transition to an operational Office of Graduate Affairs. This report should be made to me by Nov. 1.

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Graduate Transition Subcommittees' Charges

Structure Subcommittee

Consider the report and SWOT analysis of the Graduate Education Strategic Planning group and make recommendations concerning the structure of the Office of Graduate Affairs and the development of official policies and practices.

Faculty and Academic Programs Subcommittee

Consider the report and SWOT analysis of the Graduate Education Strategic Planning group and make recommendations concerning faculty affairs and academic programs.

Student Affairs Subcommittee

Consider the report and SWOT analysis of the Graduate Education Strategic Planning group and make recommendations concerning student affairs in graduate programs.

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Transition Time Line

September 2007  Subcommittee chairs convene groups for discussion and provide reports to Graduate Transition Committee.
October 1, 2007  Interim Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs begins
October, 2007  Graduate Transition Committee meets to consider subcommittee reports
November 1, 2007  Final report of the Transition Committee to Provost
October-December 2007  Graduate Admissions transition to Office of the Provost and Assistant Provost for Enrollment Management
October 2007-July, 2008  Interim Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs works with Dean of Graduate School (through December 2007), current administration and staff of the Graduate School (through June 30, 2008), Graduate Council and GSA to:
July 1, 2008  Appointment of Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs

(Last revised August 30, 2007)

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