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SWOT Preface

Where are we today? - Assessing our current environment
  • Conducted individul S.W.O.T. sessions with several key stakeholders groups
    • Administrative Leadership
    • Deans and Vice Provosts
    • Vice Presidents
    • Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
    • Executive Committee of the Staff Senate
    • Executive Committee of the Student Government Association
    • Academic Department Chairs
    • Graduate Council
  • Held two Town Hall meetings with approximately 100 faculty and staff
  • Created website encouraging campus community to provide their perspectives about the University of Louisville
  • Solicited input from the Board of Trustees, the Board of Overseers, and the UofL Foundation Board

    Over 5,000 individual comments have been received from more than 650 faculty, staff, students, and external stakeholders

  • Every comment has been reviewed, and has been organized into thematic findings
  • All themes, and all 5,000 comments, will be provided to each of the four Committees
    • Each team will be asked to independently review the data to further assess the findings and conclusions
  • Each team will use the comments to gain insight into our current environment and will seek to develop paths for leveraging our strengths, pursuing our best opportunities, and overcoming our greatest challenges and threats.
Thematic results from the assessment - General Observations
  • There are high levels of pride in the institution and the faculty, staff and students are committed to the University's long term success
  • The future of on-line education is perhaps the most polarizing topic on the campus
  • There are significant cultural differences and divides between the Belknap and HSC campuses
  • Everyone feels resource constrained - There are simply too few dollars to go around and a fear that we may be reaching our own fiscal cliff
    • In spite of the financial challenges the University has performed extraordinarily well but people are feeling overwhelmed
  • There is a widespread belief that the University's opportunities outweigh its threats
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