Audition Dates & Requirements

Please read this entire page as it has important information regarding audition/portfolio requirements.


Audition dates for entrance and scholarship for Fall 2015:

January 24, 2015, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
February 14, 2015, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
February 28, 2015, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

To sign up for an audition after you have applied to the University, please fill out the Audition Request Form.  You do not have to been admitted into the University to sign up for an audition.  Fall 2015 Entrance Audition Request Form

To schedule an audition for Spring 2015 admission please contact the admissions counselor at

The School of Music will provide piano accompaniment for vocal auditions only. Accompaniment will not be required for instrumental auditions. Audition requirements vary for instruments and degrees. Please see the appropriate links below or contact the professor in your performance/degree area.

Instrument Specific Requirements: (note there are separate requirements for jazz studies)

Instrumental Undergraduate Audition Requirements
Instrumental Jazz Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Voice Audition Requirements

In addition to the instrumental/voice audition requirements, music composition, music theory and music therapy non-voice applicants must also submit additional material.  See below.

Music Composition Requirements: To be admitted as a composition major, students must submit a portfolio of compositions. This portfolio is the audition for the composition major. Although each student must play or sing a performance audition for the School of Music, composition majors also audition by submitting a portfolio. The portfolio should contain 3 or 4 samples of original compositions, along with recordings for the same works, if possible. Evidence of experience using various instrumental and/or vocal combinations is helpful. Students should submit their most advanced and sophisticated work. Students who have questions about what to submit in the portfolio should feel free to ask questions before submitting. Questions about portfolios should be directed to Dr. Steve Rouse . The application portfolio is due on or before February 1.

Music Theory Requirements:In addition to the above instrumental/voice audition, the successful music theory applicant will submit a portfolio containing three items:

(1)  An essay of 500 words or more about a piece of music. This can be an analysis, a set of program notes, or a description of what you like about the piece.

(2)  One of the following: a composition (either stylistic or original; please send score and recording), a melody harmonization for four voices, a figured bass realization, or a 2-voice mixed species counterpoint example.

(3)  A short essay (100-200 words) detailing why you want to study music theory.

The portfolio may be submitted either electronically (preferred) or in paper form.  Portfolios can be emailed to  The application portfolio is due on or before February 1

Music Therapy Non-Voice Requirements: Because the field of Music Therapy requires the therapist to sing to patients/clients, a demonstration of functional vocal ability must accompany the application of all non-voice principle majors.  Applicants must submit a video recording of themselves singing two solo songs of contrasting styles.  These songs do not need to be memorized, can be very simple and may be accompanied by an instrument or sung a cappella. The video must be sent via YouTube for evaluation by the faculty.  Please email the YouTube/video links to by February 27.

For specific questions about the audition/portfolio requirements please contact the faculty in your specific area.

Audition Faculty Contact List


  • Video, DVD, CD, or audio tape may be submitted in lieu of a live audition only with special permission from the faculty in your applied area.  Please contact the Admissions Counselor at to make this request.
  • In order to be considered for a music scholarship, students must audition on or before the final scholarship audition date.  For more information about scholarships please visit our scholarship page:
  • It is strongly recommended that all your admissions materials be submitted prior to your audition. All materials must be submitted before the School of Music can admit a student or make a scholarship offer.
  • For students with schedule conflicts, a weekday audition may be arranged with faculty in your performance area. Please contact the Admissions Counselor at to make this request.