Audition Faculty

Department Name Phone Bio & Email Address
Bassoon Matthew Karr 852-5574 email
Cello Paul York 852-4642 email
Clarinet Matthew Nelson 852-0872 email
Jazz Bass Chris Fitzgerald 852-1857 email
Double Bass Sidney King 852-1844 email
Flute Kathleen Karr 852-3275 email
Horn Bruce Heim 852-1873 email
Jazz Guitar Craig Wagner 852-5609 email
Guitar Stephen Mattingly 852-5607 email
Harp Carol McClure 615-406-4893 email
Piano Naomi Oliphant 852-0518 email
Jazz Piano Gabe Evens 8520746 email
Oboe Jennifer Potochnic 852-5996 email
Jazz Drums Mike Hyman 852-5609 email
Percussion Greg Byrne 852-4665 email
Saxophone Adam McCord 852-0538 email
Jazz Saxophone Mike Tracy 852-6032 email
Trombone Brett Shuster 852-5526 email
Jazz Trumpet Ansyn Banks 852-1858 email
Trumpet Reese Land 852-7857 email
Euphonium Clint McCanless 852-4342 email
Tuba Clint McCanless 852-4342 email
Viola Brittany MacWilliams 852-5616 email
Violin Brittany MacWilliams 852-5616 email
Voice Chad Sloan 852-5492 email
Voice Emily Albrink 8525492 email
Voice Katie Donner 8525493 email
Director of Bands Frederick Speck 852-5495 email
Director of Choirs Kent Hatteberg 852-0822 email
Marching Band Amy Acklin 852-8287 email
Graduate Studies Krista Wallace-Boaz 852-5638 email
Jazz Composition & Arranging Gabe Evens 8520746 email
Jazz Studies Mike Tracy 852-6032        email
Music Education Robert Amchin 8520536 email
Music History Seow-Chin Ong 852-0543 email
Music Theory Rebecca Jemian 852-6997 email
Music Composition Steve Rouse 852-0871 email
Music Therapy Darcy DeLoach 852-2316 email
Orchestra Director Kimcherie Lloyd 852-3996 email
Music Admissions Counselor Laura Angermeier 852-1623 email
Music Student Advisor Michelle Thompson 852-0517 email
Main Office 852-6907
Fax 852-0520