Angermeier, Laura 852-1623         116   Academic Counselor Senior Email Laura
Cecil, David 852-5490 345/LL01         Multimedia Production & Events Manager Email David
Crum, Matthew 852-3616 LL30 Director of Instructional and Music Technology Email Matt
Dusenbury, Kyle 852-5544 LL32 Piano Technician Email Kyle
Dye, Christopher 852-4708 LL03/115A Communications Coordinator Email Chris
Hamilton, Tim 852-5491 120 Academic Counselor Email Tim
Jopek, Brad 852-5116 LL01 Administrative Assistant Email Brad
Kalbfleisch, Debby 852-0525 115A Unit Business Manager, Intermediate Email Debby
Keene, Angela 852-4194 150B Facilities Coordinator Senior Email Angela
McMonigle, Kaelah 852-3065 113 Assistant to the Dean Email Kaelah
Mullaney, Jill 852-0521   Senior Budget Associate Email Jill
Shavon Wagner 852-5557 115B Unit Business Manager Sr Email Shavon
Williams Thompson, Michelle         852-0517 118 Academic Counselor Senior Email Michelle
Vacant 852-5200 115 Administrative specialist
Vacant 852-6907 115 Program Coordinator Senior/Director Community Music