Current Students

How to Request Rehearsal Space
Rehearsal space is requested from Angela Keene, Facilities Coordinator. Space can be requested in a variety of ways. Request preferences are listed in order below.

Please be specific concerning your needs: (date, start and end times, preferred space, number of people expected, equipment needs, etc.)

1) Go online (using Internet Explorer) to,  sign in using your ULink user Id & Password
2) Stop by and schedule in person, Room 150b [M-F, 8:45am-5pm]
3) Email Angela Keene
4) Leave a voice mail at 502-852-4194 you.

NASM Hearing, Musculoskeletal and Vocal Health Guidelines and Music Building Safety Guidelines

SoM Career Development Center

School of Music Office Phone: 502-852-4708
Career Development Center Office Phone: 502-852-5440

Visit the Career Development Center website for music students for information on career events & workshops, finding a job, internships, career strategies, resume writing, and what to do with a major in music.