Music Therapy

Because the field of Music Therapy requires the therapist to sing to patients/clients, a demonstration of functional vocal ability is included in the audition requirements for instrumental applicants. This requirement is an addition to your audition on your primary instrument. IF THE APPLICANT IS AUDITIONING IN VOICE, THIS REQUIREMENT IS SATISFIED BY THEIR VOCAL AUDITION. For all instrumental (classical or jazz) principle auditions, please prepare 2 short songs. These songs DO NOT NEED TO BE MEMORIZED, and can be sung a cappella. Examples of songs include:

My Country Tis of Thee
Happy Birthday
God Bless America
Amazing Grace
You Are My Sunshine

Applicants must submit these songs via YouTube for evaluation by the Music Therapy faculty. The YouTube link must be emailed to . If you do not wish to make the video public, you can set the video to "Unlisted" and send the link directly to Dr. Segall.