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Welcome by Department Chair

The University of Louisville, its School of Medicine, and the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology have rich histories and traditions of academic excellence. Over 250 graduates have leadership positions throughout academia, government and industry. Our department hosts National Institutes of Health-funded environmental health sciences training and cancer education training programs. Pharmacologists and toxicologists are noted among the "Hot Tracks in Professions" with some of the nation's most rapidly increasing salaries.  Incredible advancements in molecular genetics and structural to integrative biology are providing new targets for drug discovery. Pharmacology and toxicology are the ideal translational interface effectively bridging preclinical and laboratory-based investigations towards improving the health and well-being of individual patients and populations. Our research and training programs include vaccine discovery and development in partnership with the Brown Cancer Center and plant-based pharmaceutical discovery and development in partnership with the Owensboro Cancer Research Program. We have active partnerships with Wenzhou Medical University, Cairo University, and Jilin University as well as planned partnership agreements with other prominent international universities.

We encourage you to learn more about our history, mission, and graduate programs.

Programs & Partnerships

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