Vendor Payment Information

Thank you for becoming a University of Louisville vendor!  We are happy to be working with you. 

Vendor Payment Terms

Instructions for eSettlement Invoicing and Inquiry (pdf)


Methods of Payment to Vendors

As a vendor, you have the option of being paid in 1 of the 4 manners listed below.  For more details on any of these methods, please contact the UofL Controller’s Office at 502-852-8237.


Method of PaymentAdvantagesDisadvantages
Traditional Paper Check
  • No advance set-up
  • Easy for small companies
  • Preferred method for one-time payments
  • Extra days for mail time
  • Need to take check to bank
  • Possible delay before funds clear bank
  • More expensive to process
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Direct Deposit into Vendor Bank Account
  • Funds directly to bank account
  • No trip to bank
  • Remittance advice e-mailed to a specified vendor e-mail address(es) OR remittance information sent to bank with payment (CCD+)
  • Easy and quick to set-up
  • Takes a few days to test and be set-up
  • May be a new process to learn for some vendors
  • Only 1 bank account per vendor – difficult for vendors with multiple locations/accounts
Departmental Procurement (Credit) Card
  • Card charged immediately – no need to wait for payment
  • No Purchase Order needed
  • No advanced set-up necessary


  • Need to be able to accept credit card payments
  • Only available for specific types of purchases and for specific dollar limits
  • Not all departments have procurement cards
PNC ActivePay Credit Card Program
  • Card charged as soon as payment notification sent to vendor – no need to wait for check to be mailed
  • Works for all purchases and all dollar amounts
  • Invoice UofL as normal
  • Remittance advice provided along with payment notification
  • Need to be able to accept credit card payments
  • Need to be set up for program in advance of processing any payments

Budget & Financial Planning
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Controller's Office
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Payroll Office
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Position Management
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