A&S All Stars 2015 Pre-Game Educational Series

All Stars Series

Co-sponsored by the Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium

Kick off game-day Saturdays with some food for your stomach followed by food for thought!

Enjoy a light breakfast and coffee compliments of Heine Brothers coffee at the Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium. Doors open at 9:30 a.m.; the presentation itself will begin promptly at 10 a.m. If the game kick-off time permits, A&S All Star presenters will stay afterwards to chat.

All events in this series are free and open to the public but space is limited, so registration is recommended.

The 2015 season’s “All Star” lineup includes:


Ancient Louisville: 10,000 Years of Forgotten History at the Falls of the Ohio

September 12, 2015
Professor John Hale
, Liberal Studies

Professor Hale took us back in time through prehistoric Louisville. With over 30 years of fieldwork experience, Hale entertained and educated participants about a Louisville thought lost.

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Screaming Fans and Youtube Sensations: Tween Girls and Popular Music

September 26, 2015
Professor Diane Pecknold
, Women’s and Gender Studies

Diane Pecknold will talk about tween girls and contemporary popular music. Though the first images that come to adult minds are often those of screaming One Direction fans or Miley Cyrus wannabes, girls' engagements with music are far more complex and diverse than these stereotypes suggest. This talk will explore how girls actually think about and through popular music and what happens when they become music-makers themselves.

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Going Local: Why What You Put in Your Brain, Body, Bag, and Backyard Matters

October 24, 2015
Alumni Panel
discussion moderated by Jeneen Wiche, Anthropology and featuring alums Stephen George, Mo McKnight Howe, Myron Hardesty, & Preston Pipal

For Homecoming Day, local horticulturalist, farmer and Anthropology professor Jeneen Wiche will moderate the panel discussion “Going Local! Why What You Put in Your Brain, Body, Bag, and Backyard Matters.” To discuss the benefits of going local, we will welcome back to campus A&S alums including Louisville Public Media's executive editor Stephen George, Revelry Boutique Gallery owner Mo McKnight Howe, medical herbalist and Weeds of Eden owner Myron Hardesty and ecosystem ecologist Dr. Preston Pipal. Join this illustrious panel to examine the joys and pitfalls of building and maintaining local media, economies and ecologies. Enjoy coffee and bagels with the crew and cheer on our accomplished faculty and alumni before going to the big game.

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Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Climate Change: Implications for the Global Warming Debate

November 7, 2015
Professor Keith Mountain
, Geography & Geosciences

A&S All-Stars presents: Keith Mountain, Chair of the Department of Geography and Geosciences. As a climatologist with a specialty in glaciology and global climate change, Keith Mountain has been part of over 25 international expeditions to study existing glaciers and ice sheets to understand the Earth’s climate history. His research has taken place in Antarctica, Greenland, China, Tibet, Africa and South America with the ultimate goal of understanding past climate variability, where changes have taken place, and the rate of such changes. His research relates to the details of how glaciers and ice sheets interact with the climate system and what the current global retreat of glaciers tells us about climate change and prospects for the Earth’s future climate.

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#FlawlessFeminism: Black Feminism & the Beyhive

November 14, 2015
Professor Kaila Story
, Pan-African Studies/Women’s & Gender Studies

Dr. Story's talk will explore the recent tensions that arose when Beyoncé Knowles declared herself a feminist with the release of her fifth album, Beyonce'. Utilizing a Black & Queer Feminist genealogy, she will discuss how respectability politics, racism, and sexism all contributed to the ways in which Beyonce's declaration was seen, processed, celebrated and hated. Lastly, Dr. Story's talk will explore the possibilities of a "Flawless Feminism". A Feminism that engenders the overcoming of oppression in all forms, and allows for women to make choices about their bodies and lives, even if they are contradictory to what we as a society conceive of as Feminist.