Exam Proctoring

We offer proctoring services for U of L, Other schools, and Organizations.



Once you approve a student to test in our office, please send the exam and the required form to


Sue Hinkle, Eric Lomax, Tammy Scrogham

Proctors: Sue Hinkle, Eric Lomax and Tammy Scrogham

University of Louisville

Testing Services

2010 South First Street

Davidson Hall 310

Louisville, KY 40292



Open Monday-Thursday at 7:00 AM, Closed Friday

 TEST TAKERS     Students click to schedule exam here

  • Choose a group:  U of L Course Exam   OR     Other School/Organization.
  • Choose an Exam depending on your situation.  
  • Enter the required information.
  • Select a date and time.
  • READ and acknowledge the Exam Guidelines
  • Pay the fee.  *Additional Charges may apply for expedited return of test materials
  • Check your email for a confirmation which includes information on rescheduling.
  • Bring a current, photo ID that is required by your instructor/organization. Most schools require student ID. Most companies require Government issued ID. 
  • Please note that purses, backpacks, cellphone, keys, watches, fitness trackers, food/drink/gum etc... are not allowed inside the testing room. We will need to see you power your phone completely off and a storage locker will be provided.

ADA Accommodations:  

Accommodations such as extended time, reduced distraction, a reader or a scribe, must be approved by U of L's  (502-852-6938).  Please call our office BEFORE scheduling any exam.