Exam Proctoring

Testing Services provides academic, professional, government and corporate testing center to candidates for the community (regionally, nationally and internationally).


If you are taking Correspondence or Online Courses at U of L or another institution and need a proctor, we would be glad to assist you.

Please click here to schedule an appointment.  You will Choose Group:  U of L or Other School/Organization- make-up/online testing and then Choose an Exam depending on your situation.  You will be required to enter information such as Name of Institution, Instructors Name, Course Title, Exam Number or Voucher Number.  You will select a date and time to take your exam and then be required to pay the fee (depending on your situation) by debit/credit card online.  You will then receive a confirmation email.  If you need to reschedule, you will have directions on how to reschedule on the confirmation email.

ADA Accommodations:  

If you receive ADA accommodations such as extended time, reduced distraction, a reader or a scribe, we will need verification of this accommodation from U of L's  (502-852-6938), please call our office BEFORE scheduling any exam.

Our office opens at 7 am Monday through Thursday - CLOSED on Fridays. Most schools require our contact information to send us the exam. The information is as follows:

See Parking and Directions for directions and Google Maps links to our office.

Exams for U of L courses $15
Exams for any other school located in the United States $25*

Exams for any school located outside of the United States

$50 + return shipping
Exams for any other organization $50 + return shipping
* If your institution requires expedited shipping (UPS, FedEx, etc.) you will be charged for the shipping fee in addition to the above proctoring fee.  
**International Exams require Prepaid Shipping with UPS coordinated with Testing Services PRIOR to Testing Appointment 

Exam Day

You must present a valid photo ID at the time of the examination.
We do not allow personal belonging (purses, backpacks, cellphone, keys, watches, fitness trackers, etc.) inside the testing room. We will provide you a locker to store these items.  
All fees are payable at the time of your registration and are not refundable.
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