Laboratory and Satellite Rodent Housing

Although strongly discouraged, the IACUC acknowledges that there are circumstances when holding animals in laboratories for long periods of time, defined as longer than 12 hours for the purposes of this policy, is warranted. Such housing of rodents in non-CMRU areas must be specifically justified and approved in an IACUC Proposal. Husbandry and animal care must follow the principles outlined in the Guide. Rodents held in non-CMRU space must be observed and monitored at least once daily. The expectations for the room maintenance, environmental monitoring, and record keeping will correspond to the time period animals are kept in the laboratory: a) between 12-24 hours (“overnight housing”), b) up to 3 days (“temporary satellite housing”), or c) greater than 3 days (“satellite housing”). Such records must be retained for review by IACUC and Comparative Medicine Research Unit (CMRU) staff. Access to CMRUveterinary staff must be made available at all times. CMRU per diem fees will be charged for animals held within non-CMRU locations greater than 24 hours.

Laboratory and Satellite Rodent Housing, Revised July 21, 2022

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