Tissue Users

Below is a summary of the training requirements that all personnel wishing to work with tissue only or work in animal areas (but not handle live animals) must complete. Note: the training below is not sufficient for animal facility access. Visit the animal users & facility access page for information on required training. 

Educational information about IACUC training requirements is available here

1. Complete the following 1 course in CITI Program:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Training for Animal Handlers

Instructions for Registering a NEW CITI Account for the Occ. Health Course (for users who do not have a CITI account) NOTE: You must register with the UofL ID version of your email address (e.g., t0tull01@louisville.edu).

Instructions for Registering an EXISTING CITI Account for the Occ. Health Course (for users who already have a CITI account)

Link to CITI Program 


2. Complete the Periodic Animal Health Survey.

Return the Survey to the IACUC Office (MDR-015) in a sealed envelope labeled with the participant's name and the words "Periodic Animal Contact Health Survey" on the front. PLEASE DO NOT FAX or EMAIL the Periodic Health Survey. Mail ONLY!