Tissue Users

Below is a summary of the training requirements that all personnel wishing to work with tissue only or work in animal areas (but not handle live animals) must complete. Note: the training below is not sufficient for animal facility access. Visit the animal users & facility access page for information on required training. 

Educational information about IACUC training requirements is available here

1. Complete the following 1 course in CITI Program:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Training for Animal Handlers

Instructions for Registering a NEW CITI Account for the Occ. Health Course (for users who do not have a CITI account) NOTE: You must register with the UofL ID version of your email address (e.g., t0tull01@louisville.edu).

Instructions for Registering an EXISTING CITI Account for the Occ. Health Course (for users who already have a CITI account)

Link to CITI Program 


2. Complete the Periodic Animal Health Survey.

Health surveys should be submitted directly to Campus Health via email to  with the subject line "Animal Contact Health Survey."