Visitor Training

Visitor "Level I" training does not allow unescorted access into animal facilities and is designed for individuals exposed to research facilities/lab animals on single occasions with no intention of working independently. Personnel wishing to work with laboratory animals and requesting access to animal facilities should visit this page to view training requirements.



Periodically, individuals must be exposed to laboratory animals or research facilities on single occasions with no intention of working independently (e.g., students involved in a teaching exercise involving animals, project sponsors wishing to review or participate in a procedure). Although these individuals must understand their responsibilities and limitations, as well as the hazards associated with research animal contact, the depth of training necessary is minimal. “Level I Training” consists of the informative brochures entitled, “The Use of Animals in Biomedical Research at the University of Louisville,” and “Introduction to Occupational Hazards Associated with the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.”

These visiting personnel must remain under the supervision of a Level II trained staff member.

To ensure a basic level of understanding of the animal welfare responsibilities and occupational health risks associated with animal use, documented receipt and review of Level I Training materials are also required for individuals prior to IACUC approval as project participants until Level II Training is completed. This includes the requirement for supervision by a Level II trained staff member during all animal use.