Policy Info: Effective February 1, 2019, All laboratory personnel responsible for euthanasia must attend a hands-on euthanasia training session with CMRU faculty/staff or a CMRU-certified euthanasia trainer. The IACUC is offering the opportunity for key laboratory personnel to become CMRU-certified euthanasia trainers and train individuals within their lab; lab personnel wanting to become CMRU-certified euthanasia trainers must attend a hands-on euthanasia trainer certification course with CMRU vet staff. All new Proposals, 3-year renewal Proposals, and study participant additions will be subject to this euthanasia training requirement. Further information is available in the IACUC policy, "Required Training."

CMRU-certified euthanasia trainers should document any training sessions they conduct with the Euthanasia Training Sign-In Sheet and promptly email the IACUC Office after the sessions with the sign-in sheet of participants and species-specific methods of euthanasia taught.

Individuals must complete occupational health and safety enrollment (1.) "Occ. Health..." CITI course and 2.) the health survey) and be an approved project participant on an IACUC Proposal (or pending approval) before attending this course. 

Training Information

The CMRU offers training monthly, as well as on an individualized basis, for the euthanasia course with mice. The certified euthanasia trainer course is available upon request. Registration links for both courses are below. If interested in other training dates for the euthanasia course, please contact theAll courses are scheduled in the Research Resources Center Vivarium (Bldg. 57).  Participants should meet at the entrance of the Vivarium for escort. The hands-on euthanasia training lasts approximately 30 minutes; the euthanasia trainer certification course lasts approximately 1 hour. 


CMRU-certified euthanasia trainers: laboratory personnel who complete the CMRU-certified euthanasia trainer course will have fulfilled the hands-on euthanasia training requirement and do not need to also take the euthanasia course. 


EUTHANASIA TRAINING REQUEST FORM (methods will be demonstrated with mice)     

REQUEST FORM TO BECOME A CMRU-CERTIFIED EUTHANASIA TRAINER (methods will be demonstrated with mice) 

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