Field Investigations

An IACUC Proposal must be completed and approved prior to commencing any form of field investigation utilizing vertebrate animals. The UofL IACUC requires that a Proposal be submitted for any and all types of field investigations, even those that are only observational in nature.

A Field Investigation is defined as a study conducted on wild (non-domesticated) vertebrate animals in their natural habitat or in confinement that may or may not involve an invasive procedure, harm, or materially alter or influence the behavior or activities of an animal under study. Investigators should not only complete the section of the IACUC Proposal that deals specifically with field investigations but also other general sections of the IACUC as applicable. In addition to specific target species and information concerning proposed procedures and activities, the IACUC Proposal must also demonstrate knowledge of relevant zoonotic diseases, associated safety issues, and any laws or regulations that apply.

IACUC Policy: Field Investigations  NEW August 20, 2020

IACUC Information Sheet: Proposal Form - Field Investigations