Euthanasia of Research Animals

The IACUC policy, "Euthanasia of Research Animals," clearly states the acceptable methods and considerations for euthanasia of different species. It is recommended that all animal users familiarize themselves with the policy.

Euthanasia of Research Animals Revised November 17, 2022

Laboratory personnel should also review the following guidelines for the euthanasia of rodents utilizing CO2:

Guidelines for the Humane Euthanasia of ADULT Rodents Utilizing CO2 Revised March 19, 2020

Guidelines for the Humane Euthanasia of NEONATAL Rodents Utilizing CO2 Revised March 19, 2020

Euthanasia Training Requirement (effective February 1, 2019): All laboratory personnel responsible for euthanasia must attend a hands-on euthanasia training session with RRF faculty and/or staff. The IACUC is also offering the opportunity for key laboratory personnel to become RRF-certified trainers of euthanasia to train individuals within their lab. The RRF offers training monthly, as well as on an individualized basis, which can be arranged through the . All new Proposals, 3-year renewal Proposals, and study participant additions will be subject to this euthanasia training requirement. 

RRF-certified trainers should document any training sessions they conduct using the Euthanasia Training Sign-In Sheet and should promptly email the IACUC Office after the sessions with the sign-in sheet of participants and species-specific methods of euthanasia taught.