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Benefits of Working on Campus

As a college student, you will find that there many general benefits to working during your education. If you choose to take an on-campus job, you may find that there are even greater benefits than working off campus. See the list below for information benefits of working in general and specifically on campus:

Extra Money
Having a part-time job will help you earn money. Like many college students, you may find money is often tight for you. Even if you have enough money to pay for all of your expenses, having extra money for clothes, outings, and food is always helpful.

Resume Building
When you are applying for your first after-graduation job or applying for an internship, it will be helpful for you to have some work experience to include on your resume. No matter how strong of an applicant you are in other respects, employers like to see that prospective employees have held a job. Having work experience demonstrates that you are able to maintain a work schedule, follow orders, and work as a member of a team.

Time Management Skills
Completing your school work around a part-time job can help you improve your time management skills because you will be forced to set a schedule to complete assignments. This will help you develop constructive time management habits.

Specific Benefits of On-campus Employment
Easy Commute
If you work on campus you will not have to worry about transportation or long commute times. This will save you money and time when going to and from work.

On-campus jobs are often much more flexible than traditional part-time jobs. On campus employers know that your priority is your education and they want you to succeed academically. Therefore, they often allow student employees to study during slow times and they are more likely than off campus employers to understanding if you need time off to study for an important examination or to work on a project.

Time Off
Off-campus employers often need their employees to work through scheduled campus breaks. Therefore, if you work at an off-campus job you may have to miss some trips home or fun with friends. In contrast, on-campus employers typically do not schedule their student employees during breaks. Students who do work during breaks typically do so only upon mutual agreement with the employer.

Make Friends
Many on-campus employers hire more than one student employee. Therefore, you will likely be working with other students. Working together is a great way to get to know one another and start new friendships.

Engage With Your College
As a student, you probably already feel a strong affinity toward your college. Working for your college will help you become even more involved with your college. Your attachment to your college grow in strength. This can make your college experience even more emotionally rewarding.

Networking Opportunities
Working on campus will give you an opportunity to interact with faculty and staff. Making a good impression on them can bring you benefits. They may be willing to write you letters of recommendation for you, tell you about career or academic opportunities, or offer you valuable advice for your future.