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Permit Questions

When is parking available on campus without a permit?

Free parking is available after 7:30pm daily and on weekends. Handicapped and Yellow, Orange and Brown resident parking lots require a proper permit 24/7.

A friend does not need a permit any longer and I would like to buy it and use it as my own? or I found a permit on the ground. May I keep it and use it?

No, the only person who may use a permit is the person to whom the permit was issued. All permits are non-transferable. If someone other than the owner is caught using a permit a costly citation and impoundment could result as well as loss of parking privileges. Any recovered lost permits should be returned to University Parking.

May I purchase a permit per semester?

Parking permits are sold on an academic year basis and are prorated by semester. Permits returned before January 31st are eligible for a prorated refund.

What should I do if my permit is lost?

Permits should be reported lost in the Parking Office.  Upon completion of a lost/stolen permit report, a replacement permit may be purchased for $20.

May I use a permit reported as lost if it is recovered?

Absolutely not. When a permit is reported lost, it is coded as invalid. Any vehicle displaying a lost permit will be significantly fined and impounded. Please return a recovered permit to the parking office.  If a replacement permit was purchased, the $20 replacement fee may be refunded when the original permit is returned.

May I exchange my permit during the year if I move?

Yes, a prorated price difference or refund will apply to all permit exchanges.  Residents moving off campus mid-year must exchange for a commuter permit or the resident permit will be revoked.

May I use my permit multiple vehicles?

Yes, permits registered to the individual person and may be used in any vehicle.