Family FAQS

  1. Do I have to attend Family Orientation?

    Attendance at Family Orientation is optional, but encouraged, whether this is your first or last child to attend college.

  2. What will Family Orientation cover?
    We will introduce you to the academic structure and philosophy of your student’s degree program, cover academic support services, campus programs, financial aid, housing, security and a variety of other important topics. An event agenda will be posted on this website prior to Orientation.
  3. Do I have to stay for the entire day?
    You can choose the sessions that are most appropriate for you; however, we feel that all sessions provide important information.
  4. Where do I park?
    Free parking is available in the Floyd Street Parking Garage on the permit side.. If you park elsewhere, we cannot refund any fee or ticket assessed for alternate parking choices. Parking directions can be found on the Parking and Directions page.  The parking gates will be raised for entry and exit on the day of the session.
  5. Why does orientation cost $50 for family participants?
    Your orientation fee covers the cost of two meals, refreshment breaks, materials and processing fees.
  6. Do you have on-campus accommodations?
    No. On-campus accommodations are for students only. 
  7. What should I bring to orientation?
    • $10 cash or check for a UofL Orientation T-shirt
  8. Can I go to academic advising with my student?
    No.  Students meet separately with their academic advisors. Together, they make decisions about their fall schedule. Students will not register for classes until the second day, so you will have an opportunity to discuss your student's academic schedule with them during the first evening dinner break.
  9. When will I see my student during orientation?
    Students and families will be able to "catch up" during lunch and dinner on day one of the student's orientation.
  10. What if I need to reach my student in case of an emergency?
    Call the Orientation Office at 502-852-7276 to speak with a staff person. We can reach the Student Orientation Staff at all times and know what staff member your student is assigned to. We can always get a message to have your son/daughter call you back. For any urgent evening phone calls, use the Department of Public Safety non-emergency number at 502-852-6111.
  11. Are there any financial aid resources you can offer?
    Please visit our student financial aid website for detailed information regarding various financial aid resources
  12. Does UofL have a Parent Association?
    Yes, view the Parents & Family Association webpage now! It is the mission of the Parents & Family Association to offer programs and services, regular communication, and outreach to parents and families to assist students in continuing their academic success throughout their college experience.