The mission of the University of Louisville music therapy department is to inspire and empower future generations of music therapists to be confident risk-takers, bold creative-thinkers, and compassionate leaders in their communities.  

Additionally, through hands-on experiences, the UofL music therapy department promotes health and well-being through musicking with socially-conscious and reflective music therapy approaches with individuals and communities in the greater Louisville area. 


The vision of the University of Louisville music therapy department is to be the preeminent setting for music therapy education, research, and clinical services in the greater Louisville area. In addition, we strive to offer the music therapy profession with high quality, engaging, and meaningful continuing education programming. 

The vision for classroom: To execute this mission the music therapy department incorporates experiential learning opportunities with active community partners. Our classroom culture fosters Socratic learning, mutual respect, and values the human experience. 

The vision for community: To utilize our abilities and resources as musicians to enhance, promote, and inspire health to any and all. We also aim to represent and connect individuals and communities with the University of Louisville and the School of Music. 

The vision for the profession: To mold music therapy professionals with transferrable skill-sets who are equipped to meet the needs of a changing world, who see challenges as opportunities, and commit to an adaptive and forward-thinking approach. Additionally, we aim to create opportunities for the music therapy profession to advance in the Louisville area by supporting and openly collaborating with therapists vested in our community.