Undergraduate Composition

Bachelor of Music Composition (B.M.)

The Bachelor of Music Composition (B.M.) degree at UofL is a four--year program of study designed to develop a high level of expertise in music composition and related skills. In addition, the program encourages and promotes the development of each student's individual compositional "voice" or personality.

General School of Music admission requirements and audition dates

Coursework for B.M. in Composition

Composition Application Portfolio

In addition to the general School of Music admission process linked above (which includes a performance audition), COMPOSITION MAJORS ALSO AUDITION BY SUBMITTING A PORTFOLIO OF ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONSYour portfolio should contain three or four samples of original compositions, along with recordings for the same works, if possible. Evidence of experience using various instrumental and/or vocal combinations is helpful. Submit your most advanced and sophisticated work. If you have any questions about what to submit in the portfolio, feel free to ask questions before submitting. 

There are two ways to submit your portfolio. 

1) PREFERRED METHOD: Prepare a digital cloud-box, such as DropBox, OneDrive, or Google Drive and upload pdf scores and audio files to that. When you have finished all uploads, send the link to . Don’t send the link until you are sure that your portfolio is complete. 

2) OPTIONAL METHOD: Prepare bound, double-sided paper scores and an audio CD. Mail these directly to Ms. Laura Angermeier, Admissions Counselor, School of Music
, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY  40292.

Composition Study

Six semesters of private composition study are required. Students will compose for a variety of different instrumental and vocal genres, as well as taking courses in electronic and computer music. They will be encouraged to expand their musical language through study of 20th- and 21st-Century styles and techniques of composition, as well as study of contemporary repertory. A number of music theory courses, including analysis and counterpoint, will support this work in composition.

Coursework for B.M. in Composition

Composition Degree Flight Plan

Performance Opportunities for Compositions

There are many opportunities for performances of new compositions, and students will be encouraged to present their work regularly. There is at least one, and often two or more, student composer recitals each semester. There are also other UofL sponsored opportunities for performances. Frequently, students will have works performed on recitals of performance majors, at school-wide assemblies (called Convocations), or on concerts of student or faculty ensembles. Student pieces are selected by competitive submission for inclusion on the annual New Music Festival. There are often other opportunities for performances in the broader Louisville community. (See Senior Recital below.)

Senior Recital

During the last semester of study each student presents a Senior Recital of 45-60 minutes of music written while studying at UofL. Since most students usually have written more music than this by then, and since they have been presenting it regularly during their four years of study, the Senior Recital is typically a high point of great satisfaction and personal accomplishment. It's a big undertaking, and there's a lot to organize, but the composition teachers guide the process, and it's always an enjoyable, exciting event.

Financial Support Suggestions

There are a few undergraduate scholarships for outstanding students. In addition, if you have excellent performance skills and wish to be considered for a performance award for participation in School of Music ensembles, please contact the instructor of your instruments or voice at the School of Music. 

Application materials should be received by February 1 for full consideration.

For more information contact:

Laura Angermeier, Admissions & Advising
School of Music, Room 116
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
502.852.1623 (direct) ۰502.852.0520 (fax) ;

Visit the School of Music online at: www.louisville.edu/music  Facebook: www.facebook.com/uoflmusic  Twitter: @uoflmusic

NOTE: To be admitted to the Music Composition program, you must be admitted to the University of Louisville and the School of Music.