Awards and Financial Aid

The Bomhard Fellowships

  • For Graduate Students interested in writing for the human voice
  • Minimal required duties
  • Full Tuition Waiver
  • $12,000 stipend per year
  • Health Benefits

Teaching Assistantships

  • For Graduate Students
  • Second Year Teaching
  • Full tuition waiver
  • $12,000 stipend per year
  • Health Benefits

Departmental Service Awards

  • For Graduate Students
  • Partial or full tuition waiver
  • Will require a certain amount of service duties each week (these will be spelled out when the award is offered)

Warren Babb Award and Nelson Keyes Awards

  • Scholarships offered exclusively to composition and theory majors.
  • Open to both undergraduates and graduate students
  • May require some service duties (these will be spelled out when the award is offered)
  • Partial or full tuition waiver
  • May be given to the same student.
  • A student may repeat as recipient.
  • Available to first-year students.
  • No application required.

Scholarships offered to composition or theory majors

  • Available to both undergraduate and graduate students
  • May require some service duties (these will be spelled out when the award is offered)
  • May be offered for one year or as ongoing (this will also be spelled out when the award is offered)

Performance Scholarships

  • Although some scholarships are available at the undergraduate level for excellence in Music Composition, performance scholarships are more common. If your performance audition is a good one, you will be considered for a performance scholarship, for which you will participate in one of the School of Music ensembles. (Be sure to indicate on your application your interest in this option.) Since you will be required to participate in an ensemble each semester that you are here, it's in your interest to perform your audition as well as you can and work to increase your performance skills while here. Of course, playing your instrument or singing at your best is just part of developing into the best musician you can be.

Kentucky-Indiana Reciprocal Tuition

  • If you are a resident of the lower portion of Indiana, you may be eligible to participate in the program that eliminates out-of-state tuition for study at UofL. Please check with the School of Music office about this possibility. Contact the School of Music for more information about this and other admission issues.

Other Financial Support

  • In addition to exploring options for financial aid through the University of Louisville Undergraduate or Graduate Offices of Admissions, you may want to consider Work Study.

Work Study

While Work Study is clearly work, it offers two tremendous benefits: the opportunity to learn specific, real world (marketable) skills and the chance to observe first-hand and directly participate in the inner workings of the music business at the university level. They are many diverse options for Work Study at the School of Music, just a few of which are listed below. Sound and stage technical support Library services support, including the area of audio-visuals, research guidance (including on-line guidance), and circulation in the Anderson Music Library Office and clerical support. Many other opportunities specific to individual degree programs (Be sure to ask about other options when you apply.)