Computer Music Studios

The University of Louisville Computer Music Studios support research, production and creative work in the fields of electro-acoustic music, multimedia and sound art. Maintained by the School of Music, state-of-the-art computer music facilities accommodate introductory and advanced computer music classes that attract a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate students from various university departments and disciplines. Creative research conducted in the studios may involve audio synthesis, sound analysis, digital signal processing, algorithmic and fixed media multichannel composition, computer generated/assisted music, computer music improvisation, sound and multimedia art, installations, robotics, visual art, artificial intelligence, audio recording and post-production, among others. Two multichannel studios are equipped with powerful Macintosh computers, various digital audio interfaces, auxiliary digital and analog hardware and specialized software. The additional multi-user lab is equipped with computers supporting audio and digital production.


The Computer Music Studios strongly support and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations as well as sponsor multiple events throughout the year, including guest lectures and presentations, master classes, concerts and events featuring guest performers and sound artists and student computer music concerts. In the Computer Music Studios we create an open-minded teaching, learning and research environment. We seek to discover knowledge and to expand our creative potential through innovation, imagination and expression in order to better understand ourselves in the universe.

Dr. Krzysztof Wolek

Director of Computer Music Studies