Plato's Republic

In this 8-part inaugural season of Vital Remnants, McConnell Center Director Gary Gregg walks through leadership lessons from Plato's Republic.

For those interested in following along with the text, we recommend grabbing a copy of The Republic of Plato, 2nd ed., translated by Allan Bloom (Basic Books, 1968 and 1991). Our reading guide points to key passages in the text, provides questions to consider and links to the companion podcast episode.

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Episode 1.1: Justice & Leadership 

Episode 1.2: Education & Proper Political Culture for Leadership

Episode 1.3: Education & Proper Political Culture for Leadership II

Episode 1.4: Philosopher Kings & the Responsibilities of Leadership

Episode 1.5: Types of Political Leadership & Types of Political Communities

Episode 1.6: Tyrannical Soul & Cultivating the Proper Soul

Episode 1.7: Of Poets & the Afterlife: Imagining Your Life Choices

Episode 1.8: Bonus: Plato vs. Aristotle & the Struggle for the Soul of Western Civilization