Prospective Individualized Majors

The B. A. Individualized Major is an interdisciplinary degree meant for those students who 1) prefer an individualized, interdisciplinary major as opposed to a traditional single-discipline major or 2) are preparing for a graduate/professional program which benefits from undergraduate study across disciplines.

When designing an Individualized Major, two students with similar ambitions might build very different programs.  For example, one pre-law student might combine Political Science, Justice Administration, and English; a second pre-law student might combine History, Psychology, and Military Science.  Each is preparing for the LSAT and professional school; they are just arriving via different routes which reflect their interests.

A minimum of three concentrations is required for each program; some students extend this to four or five.  An Arts and Sciences minor (or approved substitution) is the cornerstone of each Individualized Major.  As long as at least two concentrations are within A&S additional, relevant areas may be incorporated from university colleges outside A&S.  It is possible for transfer students or students studying away from the university to bring in completed concentrations of college-level coursework which have no equivalent course at UofL.