The Program

The Liberal Studies Program is a vibrant and growing program that is open to all Arts & Science students that meet the admissions requirements. It offers a Bachelors of Arts Degree in the Individualized Major. This is a unique degree that is designed uniquely and specifically for each and every student. The designed degree includes at least three concentrations and is customized to the specific needs, goals, skills, and background of each student. Because of their major, Liberal Studies students are able to perform multidisciplinary research and gain expertise in more than one fields. Our students excel both during their time at the University of Louisville and after.

There are more than 70 students who are currently pursuing the Individualized Major. Each and every one of our majors has designed their own unique curriculum and is now pursuing an individualized degree that prepares them for their chosen career.

See some of the individualized programs that our majors have created.