Audiovisual Services for Guest Speakers

This questionnaire is for guest speakers at Brandeis School of Law events, and your responses will help ensure that we are adequately equipped and prepared to help make your presentation successful. Depending on the event and venue, we typically provide every speaker with a fixed microphone and sound amplification. Speakers who also plan to use audiovisual presentation aids will be provided, as needed:

  • Laptop computer with Microsoft Office (current, US English version)
  • Wireless presentation remote
  • LCD projector(s) and screen(s)
  • VHS, audio CD, DVD or Blu-ray player

Speakers who plan to use Microsoft PowerPoint may submit their presentation via e-mail, by uploading it with this form, or by bringing it with them on a USB flash drive.  More detail is provided at the end of this questionnaire.

Please note: Brandeis School of Law does not support laptops, tablets or other presentation devices provided by event speakers. We have made this decision for two reasons:

  1. Repeatedly connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting multiple devices disrupts the flow and pace of events;
  2. Numerous video output hardware formats among devices make it extremely difficult and expensive to ensure universal compatibility between our video display equipment and myriad manufacturers' laptops and tablets.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

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Event Details
Audiovisual Needs
Do you plan to use any audiovisual presentation aids?  

Will you require Internet access for your presentation?

Do you plan to use Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar presentation application?

Embedded Media If your PowerPoint presentation will contain embedded media files, please check all that apply.
Sound or Video Recordings If you plan to use sound or video recordings, please check all that apply.
Submit your presentation.
You may upload your presentation now, bring it with you on a USB flash drive or submit it via e-mail. If you e-mail your presentation, please be sure to completely identify yourself and the event at which you are speaking.
Will you bring your presentation on a USB flash drive?