Brandeis School of Law Reciprocity Policy (updated April 13, 2022)

Brandeis School of Law Reciprocity Policy

The Office of Professional Development at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law will grant reciprocity to 3L students and graduates of other law schools provided that the law school requesting reciprocity allows similar reciprocity privileges to Brandeis School of Law 3L students and graduates. Please follow the following procedures to request reciprocity:

1. Please submit a request in writing from a member of the law school’s Career Services or Professional Development staff stating the name of the 3L student or graduate, mailing address, phone number and email address, the date of graduation for an alumni or the anticipated date of graduation for a 3L student in addition to a copy of the law school’s reciprocity policy.

2. Reciprocity will be granted only to 3L students and graduates of law schools that allow University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law 3L students and graduates permission to access their resources and facilities. The Brandeis School of Law has the discretion to limit the number of 3L students and/or graduates to whom reciprocity is granted. The Office of Professional Development also reserves the right to deny services to individuals who misuse their privileges or who surpass a reasonable number of requests.

3. Available services include online access to job postings for a period equal to the school requesting reciprocity. Counseling services and participation in on campus interviews, resume collections or direct send jobs during Fall or Spring Recruiting is prohibited. Review of applications materials and participation in job/career fairs is not allowed.

4. Because the administrator who processes reciprocity requests is also in charge of both Fall and Spring Recruiting, reciprocity requests are not processed during the peak recruiting periods: Jan. 15 - March 1 and July 15 - Sept. 1. If you have questions or special circumstances, please contact Donna Lee, Assistant Dean for Professional Development, at

5. No more than one 3L student and one alumnus/alumna from any law school may have active reciprocity at Brandeis at a given time.

Reciprocal privileges are non-transferrable and intended for the specific individual to whom reciprocity has been granted.

If you are granted access to our Symplicity system, the following restrictions will apply to your Symplicity account:

• You are not allowed to upload documents on Symplicity if the employer has requested applicants to submit documents by uploading them on Symplicity.

• You must identify yourself as a reciprocity student/graduate and that you have obtained reciprocity from the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.

• If the Office of Professional Development is the contact for collecting application materials, you are not eligible to apply.

Please submit reciprocity requests to:

Caitlin Bias, Career Development Coordinator,