Media Rhetoric Project

The Human Rights Advocacy Program has an ongoing Media Rhetoric Project that began in 2014.

The project studies how the mainstream media has depicted immigrants, refugees and noncitizens from 2012‑present in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio.

This project has examined the who, what, when, where, why and how of media coverage of the immigrant community. It has considered who the focus is in media coverage involving immigrants, refugees and noncitizens. It has considered shifting narratives and reactions to the immigrant, refugee and noncitizen community. It has particularly sought to identify if, when and why media coverage has become more negative and alarmist surrounding the community.

In what ways does the media depict  immigrants, refugees and noncitizens as threatening, as vulnerable or as community members? The HRAP will continue to study this coverage and consider its implications in our communities.

Read the full report, completed in April 2017.